About Us

Shri Shantinath minority multipurpose Co- operative society konnur has been established during the year 2001 on 22nd November. This society is started by Shri. Bahubali D Patil the eminent personality of konnur town. Under his presidentship this society is running successfully in <%= (DateTime.Now.Year - 2001).ToString() %>th year. It is achieving its economic goal in a beautiful way. It has fulfilled the desires of the customers. It is collecting the shares and deposits form the public with affectionately and faithfully. We get it conform from annual reports.

The founders of this society are young and energic. They have good understandings and feelings. They are leading this society in a good way. The president of the society Shri. Bahubali Patil is an active and able person. He is the creator and monitor of the society. He has taken his directors in his confidence and faith the society has celebrated its decade in the year 2011 on 25th December.

The beloved M L A Shri. Ramesh Jarakiholi has inaugurated the ceremony enthosisamly under the presidentship of learned Shri. B.H.Inamadar the educationalist and the president of Shri Kadasiddeshwar Shiksan samiti Maradimath. During the great ceremony the society has brought the memorial memento and script by name “Shant Parimal” which has contained the values and memories of the society and script launched by Shri. P.R.Chougala. Chairman Arihanth Urban Souhardh Credit Sahakari Ltd. Hulloli.

India lives in its villages India is the great country of small villages accepting the agriculture has main occupation Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji had dreamed the “Gramodhar”. The freedom of the economy is the real freedom of country, so this society is struggling for the economic welfare of public this economic welfare leads the public to words self confidence the father of co-operative movement in karnatak is late Siddanagouda Sannaramangouda Patil of kanaginahal of Gadag district.

In the dream of Mahatma Gandiji and Siddanagouda Patil the movements have been continuing by such organizations and leaders. As per the principles, this society has been working successfully. This has blessed many customers to build their own economic “Soudh”.

This society is helping every one without considering any caste and religion. The working capital of the society is about 13 crores, the president of the society is seeking guidance and blessings of the elders of the town. The society is also engaged in the social activities. Totally the society is advancing in a speedy way according to the modern age.